Orange PI zero 2, Unable to detect WIFI.

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I downloaded the WIP armbian for Orange PI Zero.

Everything seems fine that is until the wifi.

Tried using nmtui. Doesn't work, can't find any network, even if I key it in.

ls /sys/class/net No sign of wifi,

ip link show no wifi.

Tried to edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf nothing

Edited /etc/network/interfaces nothing.


Anyone here has any solution?


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14 hours ago, Werner said:

Providing logs with 

armbianmonitor -u

 helps with troubleshooting and significantly raises chances that issue gets addressed.




Hi Please check if you can find anything strange?


Btw I am using the ambian focal on orange pi zero 2. I wanted a command line base OS with no desktop for IOT.

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12 hours ago, jernej said:

No, wifi is not yet supported, it needs some out of tree driver. I don't think anyone bothered to try it out (I'm big skeptic about these wifi modules...).

I see, maybe I just install the ubuntu image provided by orange pi. I am skeptical because the ubuntu image they provided was modified and not from the official that is why I looking for armbian, I prefer OS only from official source. I tried their ubuntu image, their wifi works though.

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