no gpu-output on monitor

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I have a really strange situation, which I don't understand and for so - I need help to solve it.


I had 2 rockpi, one with sata hat which plays the nas role and one without sata drives, which is my frontend for home cinema (connected to AVR and beamer).

Last few days I had the effect that the frontend froze and after close examination it turned out that all memory was used up.

Fortunately, I already had a new rockpi with 1,4Gb memory. I thought I'd just change the eMMC and go on as before.

But that was probably a big mistake. The new one did not start at all with the eMMC from the 1.2Gb rockpi. That's why I thought I had to completely rebuild the bigger one.

So I inserted the backup on sd card - and nothing did. I tried little by little all test sd cards, but with none started the rockpi.


At least that's what I thought.


When I opened the network overview, the rockpi was reported as active and lo and behold, I could log in via ssh.
On the screen still dead pants.

Then I tried the computer in the home theater and there I had a picture. So connected to a computer monitor - no picture, connected to a beamer - picture is ok.

Thought, well, maybe the monitor is over. So I connected the monitor to the NAS. Clean picture including startup procedure - everything as usual.


Thought maybe I just imagined it, so ran all the tests again - same picture. Just no picture!
Stupidly, the previous frontend also no longer has a picture on the computer monitor. Only on the beamer.


I am glad about every tip!


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