missing linux-headers-5.8.16-sunxi

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is there some specific reason why there is a kernel linux-source-5.8.16-sunxi  as part of packages repository, but headers for such a version are missing? I saw similar post https://forum.armbian.com/topic/8347-install-linux-headers/ without any solution, but if there is a kernel package why the headers are missing? I assume headers were used during the build process...



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From earlier versions it sometimes happened that header packages were missing. This has been fixed in recent versions however. If you need headers for this specific version you are on your own since Armbian can due to limited resources only support the most recent version available.

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Hi, its seems that maybe 80% is missing? i dont know, i downloaded latest stable debian

Armbian_5.91_Bananapi_Debian_buster_next_4.19.59.img and headers are missing ... ie not much can be compiled. I assume that one is recent. Even linux source is missing.


root@bananapi:~# uname -a
Linux bananapi 4.19.59-sunxi #5.91 SMP Mon Jul 15 14:09:32 CEST 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux


linux-image-next-sunxi - Linux kernel, version 4.19.59-sunxi


So basically such a distribution is unusable... as one cant compile anything on it related to the kernel... and as someone compiled kernel 4.19.59-sunxi I assume the headers were there...  


So it means i have to compile kernel from scratch again ... to get headers.

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44 minutes ago, phier said:


That must be several years old build, not exactly "latest" - we dropped "next" branch some time ago. Latest builds you can find here https://www.armbian.com/bananapi/ and they are the only one that are supported under limited conditions.


44 minutes ago, phier said:

So it means i have to compile kernel from scratch again ... to get headers.

Downloading latest build will do.

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It wont help, 5.10x has a bug with alsa so plug plugin is broken (edit in debian it works, on ubuntu its broken... ) also there is another bug with zfs in ubuntu 5.10 (kernel has to be downgraded) on debian doesnt work.


zfs on debian > 5.10.34-sunxi

Setting up zfs-dkms (2.0.3-1~bpo10+1) ...
Ok, aborting, since ZFS is not designed for 32-bit kernels.


The only solution is 4.19.59 or anything <5 but apparently for all of these headers / sources are missing.


Also on debian kernel headers between 5.4 < 5.10 are missing completely.


linux-headers-current-sunxi/buster 21.05.1 armhf
  Linux kernel headers for 5.10.34-sunxi on armhf
linux-headers-dev-sunxi/buster 21.02.3 armhf
  Linux kernel headers for 5.11.3-sunxi on armhf
linux-headers-edge-sunxi/buster 21.08.0-trunk.71 armhf
  Linux kernel headers for 5.12.10-sunxi on armhf edge
linux-headers-legacy-sunxi/buster 21.05.1 armhf
  Linux kernel headers for 5.4.88-sunxi on armhf



Maybe the only solution is to build it using build script.

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it looks like the bug is in the package; as install meant to be interactive; its not and by default N is chosen as not continue ;/


Okay It has to be armbian bug. 

root@bananapi:~# man debconf-show
root@bananapi:~#  debconf-show  zfs-dkms
* zfs-dkms/note-incompatible-licenses:
* zfs-dkms/stop-build-for-32bit-kernel: true
  zfs-dkms/stop-build-for-unknown-kernel: true





On armbian - ubuntu - it was interactive; on armbian debian - it just goes thru the wrong branch and no interaction by user https://salsa.debian.org/zfsonlinux-team/zfs/-/blob/master/debian/zfs-dkms.postinst#L18


13 hours ago, Werner said:

thanks looks like there are headers/ img for almost all the versions.

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