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Power bank or ups for Orange pi pc


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Hello folks,


I plan to build a power bank or a ups for my Orange Pi Pc H3. Here is the log dump for more info: http://ix.io/2kMo


I have been using my Pi PC as a full fledged desktop thanks to all you Armbian contributers. We have occassional power outages and to counter the issue I'm planning to build an alternate power source.


After some online search I found that some of the IOT boards support usb power banks as a power supply, hence would like to know if Pi PC H3 supports this feature or can be programmed? 


Another option is to use a MoPi board, not sure if Pi PC H3 supports the board.




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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!



..about power outages..


I had this problem years argo also.

I run a server (Orange Pi PC) 24/7 in a area with a lot of "power outages".

I prevent this with a board like this: Double 18650 Lithium-Batterie Schild V8 Mobile Power bank




You have only to connect it between your power source and you Pi.


That's all..




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Thanks @MacBreaker
exactly what I was looking for. Can you please help me with the connections?


I guess the Orange Pi AC adaptor needs to be connected to the device. How and where to connect the DC 4mm connector to the device and how to connect from the device to Pi? 


Can you please explain or share your setup?



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There a differed ways to connect.


You have skills with soldering or not?

Ok,easyst way is to buy a usb to DC 4mm connector cable and a power source form Raspberry Pi.
It doesn't matter if mirousb or usb-c connector.

Plug all together and your done.


Bevor i forget, i use 3000 miliampere Cells.


Made sukcessfull tests with 1 hour disconnect from mains and reconnect.
All wthout problems...




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