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kodi on rock pi 4c


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Im looking for OS like ubuntu/debian with simple DE like XFCE + Kodi for my rock pi 4c.


I've tried a lot of images for my rock pi and currently checking Armbian.

I've installed  Armbian 21.05.6 Focal with Linux 5.10.43-rockchip64 from 



then installed kodi from repository

apt install kodi


it is Kodi 18.6 ver and I have some issues with it.

1. I enabled remote control for Kodi but whet I open it in browser via 8080 port I can see very poor web interface which doesn't work at all.

there are 5 buttons in top rшпре side of page: Profiles, Remote, Movies, TV Shows, Music - but nothing happens when I press it.


2. I can't install Youtube addon - there no options to install it from repository in the Kodi settings.


Is there a way to install another version of Kodi? Maybe on another image?


I also checked the "

" topic and did all the steps described there, but I have different issues because of my rock pi 4c - USB ports doesn't work so I can't connect my USB SSD drive.


so Im still looking for good image for my board to use Kodi and have ability SSH to for some testing-checking purposes.


Please advice, because I spend a lot of time in this searching and yet not found anything working good.


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