Fan not working at all

Pramil Banymandhub

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Hello to everybody !


I'm new to this forum and to linux.

After installing my Helios64 recently, I had a few problems and had to go with the eMMC maskrom installation which were fine. PS I've installed on top of the linux kernel (4.4) Open Media Vault (latest version).


After installing everything, I've noticed that the fans were not functioning. I've checked the documentation on site and went to the /etc/fancontrol config file and set the values as it was shown on the doc. I've restarted the fancontrol service, but still nothing.


I've tried to read the pwm of my fans (has fan P7 were linked to the hwmon0 cat /sys/class/hwmon0/pwm1) and i had the following message "No such file or directory"


Can somebody help me : I'm scared about this issue and will shut down the NAS until I found a solution.


Best regards,




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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?


My workaround or patch, maybe it bad, sad or unclear but it's KISS and seem to work !



root@helios64:~# cat /etc/fancontrol

# Helios64 PWM Fan Control Configuration
# Temp source : /dev/thermal-cpu
#FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=/dev/thermal-cpu/temp1_input
FCTEMPS=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp
MINTEMP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=40 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=40
MAXTEMP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=110 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=110
MINSTART=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=60 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=60
MINSTOP=/dev/fan-p6/pwm1=40 /dev/fan-p7/pwm1=40

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