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Saving an old arm box from the dustbin


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Hello all!


And no by an old arm box I don't mean a box full of proshetic limbs! :-) .


I'm referring to this device:





The device was badged as a "RKM Mk902II" and claims to have a rk3288.


Dug it out today (it has sat unused and untouched for quite a while). Found that its plsatic box which has that strange gunk that is applied to to the box to make it look "shiny" has started to break down so it has become sticky. Anyway since I am clearing things out I thought I'd have one last go at booting a different OS on this device.


I have never head much luck ever since I bought one of these devices booting it off a microsd card.


Something called linuxium could do this and I have an old 4GB microsd which will boot .... an ancient version of ubuntu. But this was all a long time ago.


I did see here that there is a version of armbian for the rk3288. But it did not boot correctly (no display) but if I look at that armbian image I see there are several .dtb files in /boot/dtb . Snag is - is how can you find out which one your system uses? Is there some kind of special tool?


Is it the case that not all rk3288s are exactly the same?


(BTW this device is not a firefly device, nor a R69 it is ..... unknown!).


Any help much appreciated!




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You can try the instructions for another board (xt-q8l-v10) I worked on: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/7141-csc-armbian-for-rk3288-tv-box-boards-q8/

If it works for you, probably the basic things should work ok (usb, hdmi, sdcard, emmc, ...) but other peripherals like wifi, bluetooth, etc... may not work out of the box.

Maybe it can be a starting point for further studies.


AFAIR the rikomagic was somehow famous some years ago, and maybe there is a device tree already available in the linux kernel, but I'm not sure.


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