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Allwinner H616 T95 2gb/16gb


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Hi everybody,

I want to try armbian on my tvbox.

I managed to build image using orangepi-linux 4.19 and u-boot-orangepi v2018.05 sun50iw9

i copied dts from my tvbox

decompressed my stock firmware to get boot0_sdcard.fex, sys_config.fex

replaced files with these from official armbian github.

replaced orangepizero2.dts in linux 

build image without any errors

used balenaEtcher to write to sdcard


I am not able to get it to boot on my tvbox

any help??

thank you

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Open source development is fun. Join Armbian Linux development team today!

So, this will be the thread as my understanding is increasing about armbian and my stupid allwinner board



  1. config file for armbian config/boards/t95-h616-2gb-x.conf may be orangepizero2
  2. defconfig for the board (can be obtained from either /proc/configs.gz or /boot/config-$(uname -r) from tvbox)
  3. build uboot.bin
  4. dts file (by installing dtc through termux and getting from /proc/device-tree or something).
  5. boot0_sdcard.fex, sys_config.fex and u-boot.fex (by unpacking firmware img file can be achieved by using imgRePacker_206 from xda) what to do with them i dont know yet
  6. Try hexdump0815 github u-boot for h616
  7. then read more about linux kernel to be used

Rest will be coming 

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Hi. I appreciate your work here. I starting to learn about SBCs so I apologize if I make dumb questions.

I purchased a TV box where I would like to finally run a software from the snap store (it is the only format the vendor is providing it). This soft runs smoothly in hardware specs below Orange Pi Zero 2.


The tv box I have now has an unknown processor (IK316) but CPU Z identifies as a sun50iwp21 which leads to an H616 soc.

Comparing to Orange Pi Zero 2, power unit chip is the same.

    But memory is a Kingston 08EMCP08   which is a 8GB eMMC + 8GB storage in the same chip.

    wifi chip is SV6256P

     theres is another chip I couldn't find information on it.


My questions are:

1) With regards to hardware, will the images developed here have a chance to work for my board?

2) Same question for the orange pi z2 image?

3) Can these images burn or brick the board? as I read different voltage options for the memory chip.

4) How far would I be of running the snap on this board?


PD:  in fact, I tried both images from the SD but none of them showed anything on HDMI screen. Today I will test with AV output.


Thanks in advance.


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I got access to two H616 based android tv boxes here: the one that is labeled as H6 and other that is H96 Max H616, both identify hardware as sun50iw9p1.

Been testing various images and so far only one so far that does appear to boot with HDMI out is Armbian_21.08.1_Orangepizero2_buster_legacy_4.9.280.img. This image gives HDMI out and one functional USB port on the H96 Max so I can use terminal but Ethernet doesn't appear to work (and can't force eth0 to 100mbit). H6 appears to do something on boot but no HDMI out and I haven't hooked in serial to see what's happening there.

Worth noting is that this was the only precompiled image with 4.9.280 I found, all the rest were either 4.9.255 or 5.x.

I'm guessing hooking up that serial connector is the only way I can figure out further what's going on here.

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