Need some guidance - driver porting from old kernel



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Hi there.

Is there someone who can guide me with linux driver porting?

I have old LCD panel for my bananapi like described here:  but i can not make it work with linux. Old bananian has this driver and it is working. I would like to try to port it to mainline :) but i don't know how to start. 

I'm skilled user of linux, for few past years i've been using gentoo so i know what is kernel and how to tweak or compile it. I know C on decent level so i think i could made it but i have no clue how to track working driver down and how to port it from 3.4 kernel(this is kernel from bananian image). I manage to add it to u-boot, but all my tries to add it to panel-simple.c driver was unsuccessful. 


This is back-plate of my panel:

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16 minutes ago, s3b0 said:

this is kernel from bananian image


This is a kernel where initial support for Allwinner A20 was developed by chip vendor (Allwinner) and was maintained by sunxi group, Armbian, Bananian  ... before Nico started with Bananian.


16 minutes ago, s3b0 said:

I manage to add it to u-boot, but all my tries to add it to panel-simple.c driver was unsuccessful. 

I am pretty sure your LCD will get to live by following this manual:


16 minutes ago, s3b0 said:

I'm skilled user of linux

In case you have some time, we are low with people that knows something and have interest to maintain things around the project. We can't hire so, we can only plead for help:


22 minutes ago, s3b0 said:

i've been using gentoo


Many people and other distributions are directly using our kernel, because it works (much) better than kernel from raw material ( only. In ARM world, this difference can be large due to many special functions those little boards have ...



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