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error booting after microSD clone


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HiAll, i am new here, and i have a big problem with clone my SD card with armbian image for nanopi neo plus2 H5


image: Armbian Focal mainline based kernel 5.10.y


I insert master SD to USB adapter and make  sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=XXXX.img bs=4096 for creating image


After complete, i change master SD to backup SD and make sudo dd of=/dev/sdb if=XXXX.img bs=4096 for creating backup SD.

I got thisdmesg.txt


in master SD i have





Where i make mistakes?

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one question more :


I have 8Gb SD card, with all data of 2Gb only 


Can i cutting like DD if=/image1.img of=/image2.img count=3000 bs=1M for build 2Gb image, Do I need to do something else for boot image (like remap image2 or END marker for him)? 

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