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Orangepi PC HW Accelerated Decode






I tested my board with below armbian distro. Question is , there are lots of entry about H3 hw decode problems, are these fixed in this distro?


When i open 1080p mp4 Big Buck Bunny video still doesnt work is that any specific settings to work with hw accelerated decode. How can i be sure that hw decoding is running with VLC? or any specific ffmpeg command.


Linux orangepipc 5.10.60-sunxi #21.08.1 SMP Wed Aug 25 18:19:32 UTC 2021 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux


I tested video with

- VLC using 55% cpu

- MPV using 40% cpu




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I just review the patches needed for kernel hwdec, and Armbian already has it, and build it as module.


here is the way you able to use hwdec.


1, download server image for orangepipc. hwdec not support X ot wayland.

2, build ffmpeg and mpv yourself.


A, build ffmpeg.


download ffmpeg 5.1.2 source from git or from ffmpeg.org (recommend git for easy apply patches)

apply patches from https://github.com/jernejsk/FFmpeg

    drmprime: v4l2-drmprime-n5.1.2 branch

   v4l2-request: v4l2-request-n5.1.2 branch


total 23 patches.


build ffmpeg with `--enable-hwaccels --enable-v4l2_m2m --enable-libdrm --enable-libudev --enable-v4l2-request`, others keep default.


B, build mpv


download and build with no X, no Wayland support.









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