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Issues: Forum vs. GitHub

Hans Kurscheidt

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I have recently posted several issues wrt. OPi0+. GPIO (sysfs), armbian-config (bug confirmed by Igor), WiFi AP, GPIO event handling. Except for GPIO, where high activity is going on, I cannot find anything in "GitHub-issues" about the other problems, I have raised. I therefore would like to know, what would be the right place to rise issues? Here in the forum, or in GitHub?

I mean "issues", not "how tos"

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Hi great question.  Def can be confusing.  We're working to be more clear.


GitHub issues (NOT PRs) are meant to be specific to the Armbian build engine and not specific to devices.


Raise device issues on forum for conversation and hopefully find the attention of a maintainer.  (Part of reason we do it on forum is it creates too much noise on GitHub for such a small team of devs)


If it's an issue a maintainer or armbian developer thinks it needs to be prioritized, they will add to our Jira


For those that don't like posting on forum anybody can open a draft PR with a proposed solution and explanation of what's being solved in GitHub 

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9 hours ago, Hans Kurscheidt said:

I therefore would like to know, what would be the right place to rise issues? Here in the forum, or in GitHub?


When we will be able to cover costs of that operation. When there will be fair compensation for bug fixing and maintaining that service. One bug can easily eat a  week, two, some months of a full time person.


Since there is negative cash flow, that can't happen. We are not in a position to fund better support service that will have better exploit ratio. Just crazy, right? Armbian is nothing alike Raspberry Pi foundation with support budget millions of euros. Or RedHat. Where you pay first, ask questions next. I also sometimes remind people that serious costs are needed to be considered if they want something to be fixed, but usually this leads nowhere. If fixing has to be done, weeks of works remain on us ... also in behalf of our competitors and Linux community at large.

Armbian comes with best effort community support - which is this forum.




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