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Need help running Armbian on an ATV 585


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Hi. I apologize if this is in the wrong section, I'm new to the forum. 


I'm trying to run Armbian on the Jadoo 4, which is a rebranded MyGica/Geniatech ATV 585 Android TV box. This device has an Amlogic S805 with an "stvm8b" board. I've been trying to follow these two tutorials (Video 1 and video 2) but when I insert the SD card into my device and hold down the rest pin, I end up in the recovery menu instead of booting straight into Armbian. Can someone help me out and give me a specific guide on how to do this? I know this information has probably been said a bunch of times on this forum, but I am genuinely lost.  


If it's important, I'm looking to run some server-related things with the device (docker, SFTP/SMB, Matrix, some self-hosted stuff, etc.) but I'm also new to linux so a GUI is preffered.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Seriously. I've been on four forums now, sent 3 emails, dealt with two companies, and have done a metric done of research, so some guidance would be great.

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First off, I would point you to the following FAQ post to set expectations:  https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first

Second comment is that both of the videos you linked point to builds that are from 2018.  My suggestion would be to avoid them as you are dealing with kernel versions that are very old and full of known vulnerabilities as there are no security updates for them.

If you want to pursue this with an s805 based box, then I would point you to the following thread:  https://forum.armbian.com/topic/3023-armbian-for-amlogic-s805-and-s802s812   The last few pages of that thread will have more recent builds on newer kernels.  But since there is no active work on amlogic based tv boxes even those are now outdated.


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