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Successful dist-upgrade and kernel upgrade but broken Armbian MOTD

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Hello armbian friends,

I am not really a beginner but I don't find a fitting forum to ask this.

Having manually upgraded the first day it was possible to Bullseye, my MOTD and armbian-release got stuck on the old version.


Everything runs very very good, I have a very up-to-date kernel and love it.

Any chance I can repair my broken MOTD? What did I do wrong when I changed my sources.list and armbian.list?


Kind greetings





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Hello Werner, thanks for the reply. I immediately could check for the packages but they were for dev and next branches of outdated Debian releases only.

My second Odroid HC1 has an official Bullseye Armbian installed and has not any rootfs package. So no "transplant" from there either.


The userspace I hacked together will work for now, but I understand I maybe was just lucky that it turned out to be stable, since 14. August 2021 so to say.

This is good enough for me. In the future I will use the properly built Armbian releases and just re-install, however I made since 2019 many changes, most

of which I forgot as my .bash_history self truncated.


A slow migration to the 2nd Odroid, careful testing and documenting what I did is my only way to reproduce it :)

I have full SD card backups and all the code I wrote too. There are just differences what the other Bullseye image will accept for kernels.

Signal-cli only runs on one of the Odroids, due to unknown reasons, but these are excuses why I find no time.


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Thanks, though I mentioned in the opening post I edited this file as well. They are in fact identical to the later released official Armbian Bullseye.

I currently see no way to mitigate this.

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