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Odroid HC1 ethernet hangs


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Hello all!


I used the following armbian image to write to an SD (I'm using an old odroid HC1 btw):



I used the bullseye_current image that was there. On the main download page it says that the file for Odroid XU4 is compatible with HC1, HC2 and MC1.




My odroid HC1 boots ok but any attempt to use the built-in ethernet port results in an instant lock-up. Only way I can "get into" the device is with a USB ethernet adapter although even just issuing a command, eg ifconfig enx001e06366b84 locks everything up - even the USB ethernet adapter stopped working. I did check with ifconfig to find the relevent ethernet adapters'; names and two are listed.  


(The enx001e06366b84 name there is what the built-in ethernet adapters' name is btw).


Does anyone know why trying to use the inbuilt ethernet should lock the entire device up?



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