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kernel flags for hw decode



Hi everyone!
Follow instructuions https://linux-sunxi.org/Sunxi-Cedrus to setup hw decoding everyone need kernel with flags:
Images from armbian repo is without one of them -  CONFIG_V4L_MEM2MEM_DRIVERS 
So my proposal is to make kernel for desktop prebuilds with this flag, if its possible ofcourse. 
Im understand that is opensourse project, so my help can be like that - i have really much space on Y.Drive and i can share  folder to minimize download usage of armbian repo.

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Greetings, have you tried building the kernel with these flags? Can someone build a kernel and make a PPA with it? It seems to me that this will speed up the tests and progress of adding hardware support to the stable branch (but it seems to me that few people use this board for a full-fledged desktop)

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