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Orange Pi PC+ Same MAC Address on WLAN0



I got 2 x Orange PI pc+ running Armbian (install by same SD card on eMMC). My two orange pi pc+ got same wlan0 mac address. I did research on forum and saw some suggestion about bug of Network-Manager. 

I try remove (purge) Network-Manager but see no difference.  I also try look in u-boot but don't know how to set mac address on the u-boot part.


How should I make my 2 pc+ board have difference mac address? want to run these two board under the same wifi network.


Please suggest. Thank you very much in advance.

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I created a patch for a wifi driver which makes mac generating unnecessary and eliminates the problem you experienced:



Allwinner function is used which generates wifi mac based on sid data. It differs only in one bit compared to ethernet mac but it is enough.



you can apply it if you think it is useful... It will certainly simplify build script a bit.

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