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HW Decode on H3 (OPIpc1) possible?


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I saw from other posts that is possible to enable HWDecode for Video on the H3 of OrangePi PC

O would love to make mpv or cvlc work with hwaccel

People mention to apply the patches of LibreELEC on the Armbian build. But i dont have the knowhow to do so.


Does anyone already have done this? any links, tips, guides, tutorials that i can follow


Ty in advance and sorry for grammar

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

9 hours ago, tiagogb said:

patches of LibreELEC on the Armbian build.

Applying patches to Armbian system that will build kernel with additional changes? Put those patches them into




and add them to series file inside that folder.


Outside of this is not Armbian specific anymore, so you can check any book, guide, attend school, curses, whatever ... and hope they patches apply cleanly. If not, you will need to correct them. Not Armbian problem, also not LibreELEC.

Specifically what you are asking is not my field, can't tell.

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1 hour ago, tiagogb said:

but never said it was Armbian problem.

I know. This is a general precaution. Most of people that I am saving days or weeks don't even try to save mine, give anything to help lowering the bills of this project. And they never stop asking questions if they hit jackpot with someone to understand many technical aspects ...


As you can see - there are a lot more questions then answers. "I have a problem, How to do this ..." is easy to generate. Easier to use search engine trying to get as much data from the database. Before asking a new question. I don't know if you will find something, but its worth trying.

Its not personal. Just rant.

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