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wifi and bluetooth module



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20 hours ago, nikolas said:

i am not a developer, just a linux user.

Welcome. Not a problem. Just without your input, developers usually have no idea what you are talking about.


20 hours ago, nikolas said:

is there an easy guide installing and using with armbian rtl8822cs wifi and bt module?

It should work OOB unless you are using one of the first builds. Try one of automated test image - if that works - for start.

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Welcome to Armbian 22.08.8 Bullseye with bleeding edge Linux 5.19.16-meson64

System load:   2%               Up time:       37 min
Memory usage:  5% of 3.70G      IP:  
CPU temp:      41°C             Usage of /:    23% of 15G
RX today:      4.1 GiB

[ General system configuration (beta): armbian-config ]

Last login: Mon Oct 31 12:09:47 2022 from
nikolas@bananapim5:~$ sudo modprobe 88x2cs
[sudo] password for nikolas:
nikolas@bananapim5:~$ sudo iwconfig
lo        no wireless extensions.

eth0      no wireless extensions.
i did a modprobe 88x2cs , seems the driver is in the kernel and up ... but iwconfig fails


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armbianmonitor -u
System diagnosis information will now be uploaded to
Network/firewall problem detected.
Trying fallback...

Network/firewall problem detected. Not able to upload debug info.
Please fix this or use "-U" instead and upload whole output manually to an online pasteboard service
and provide the URL in the forum where you have been asked for this.

armbian monitor.txt

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