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I am saying goodbye...


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My MXQ TV box died today, I was running Armbian  stretch, and I had been listening to Mplayer playing Mp3s for several hours as background music, when the player stopped because it ran through the list, I went to change directories, but there were none found( I was running off the SSD), so I tried the root directory, also no files found. I closed the terminal window, and tried to restart, which just resulted in a boot loop. Thinking the file system was corrupt, I disconnected the SSD,and tried to boot the Android system from the internal Nand? which also resulted in similar behavior, I tried a different monitor, and removed all peripherals , Android partially booted, then died again, it seems like a video or memory issue.

I had an interesting time getting everything working, and also the ability to get GPIO working with a USB GPIO was feeding my Raspberry Pi withdrawal problem.

After all of this, I don't feel I will buy a newer TV box, There is no real support, and most of the officially supported boards cost much more than a Raspberry Pi Zero, and are not nearly as flexible.

Raspberry OS Or Raspian just works, and the GPIO requires very little fiddling to get working.

I would have gladly contributed if some TV boxes were supported, but it was made clear that would never happen, I am sincerely happy that balbes150 and SteeMan put the effort in all those years ago, and got my box to a usable condition, I only wished I had joined when the TV boxes were supported back then.

Thanks for the memories...

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Donate your old hardware to community. Start a giveaway Raffle!

Can you point to a more recent place to find files that may work?, I know you are one of the most knowledgeable people on this topic.

I had trouble finding the files that made my box work also, I know the files are old, but this category of hobby type equipment is not something I would even care if it were compromised, as it is a "toy" for experimentation. My goal was for a jukebox if it didn't fail, a replacement for a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for your efforts, so we have a place to start tinkering with these boxes!

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