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ODROID C2 Custom Display Settings


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I’m running an Odroid C2 and trying to drive a 14.9" 1280x390 60hz LCD marquis display. On a Pi I can change the boot config files to the following and the display works like a champ.


hdmi_timings=1280 0 8 128 64 390 0 1 3 24 0 0 0 67 0 42009500 8



On the Odroid running Armbian 22.11 Jammy XFCE I tried changing:








I had no joy with this change, it did not modify the display output.  I love how fast and light Odroid is with Armbian, it is really snappy, but I need some help stretching out this display.  Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, I already threw you $5 to take a look @Igor   https://paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=A2AM5NWLVENF2&source=url

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32 minutes ago, ltorsini said:

I already threw you $5 to take a look


Donations are very rare so I am happy, but they don't give you any service. This is your free willing contribution to cover small % of things that we already fixed for you. Remember that you are not paying for software in any way. If you want that research is done you need to become at least a gold partner. For your 5$ I can't hire anyone to look into your problem. Especially not myself.

Welcome to the custom hardware world. Trick that works with Allwinner devices, doesn't work with Amlogic  ... just wait, perhaps someone knows, I don't.

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3 hours ago, ltorsini said:

I asked you to look


"I looked several days and find nothing - this is how software development looks like". Of i didn't, as in exchange for coffee, I simply can't afford that, nor nobody else can. I am running this place and this place helps you in any case and that is my 2c.


3 hours ago, ltorsini said:

why does this forum exist


That it helps you in best effort manner? That you find people sharing your problems? That we try to work on problems together? That you have opportunity to help?


3 hours ago, ltorsini said:

or create an image that has an autologin feature? 


In case you want that driver is fixed, report it here https://bugzilla.kernel.org/ In open source software sometimes this takes months, sometimes years, sometimes its never resolved. If you want that it is fixed, hire someone to fix it for you. You need this fixed. If we would be able to, we would, but with coffee cash this is mission impossible.


Auto login / random feature in images? Download a tool https://github.com/armbian/build, read documentation and do whatever you want. Remember we are drinking coffee 24/7 not just when you find a problem in software we didn't make, but we help you make it usable.

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