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Orange pi zero2 - 1-wire



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Hi, haven't tried myself, think you have to add these lines to  /boot/armbianEnv.txt.


Check https://linux-sunxi.org/1-Wire  regards hardware, reading further not sure which pin opiz2, have you looked at manual? What have you tried?


Tell us a bit more and perhaps we can help,  .. uname -a etc.


Which sensor? what protocol(com can be different), hook up etc..


Also read up about overlays and MOSI PH7. There's lots of info in the forums.


Might not be possible with current or edge configurations etc .. without personal efforts....






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Hi @carlos8agomez, which module are you using, assuming w1_gpio? There is an alternative that supports your sensor type, kernel driver w1_therm (W1_THERM_DS18B20, 0x28).


For example, you could try MOSI, PH7, pin 19, gpio 231 (apparently better transfer, I have no clue though, can’t verify, not tried anything) this is SPI 1 bus, which could add to your complications. Unfortunately that is not enabled by default in the current or edge images, and will require you to do this.


@orangepizero2:~ $ ls -l /dev/spidev*
ls: cannot access '/dev/spidev*': No such file or directory
@orangepizero2:~ $ dmesg | grep spi*
[    1.599280] sun6i-spi 5010000.spi: Failed to request TX DMA channel
[    1.599290] sun6i-spi 5010000.spi: Failed to request RX DMA channel



For a user to do that you will have added an overlay, this is again not by default for Zero2 here now, and note what @lampra advised at the beginning of mainline development. You could probably be better off looking at PC10, however there could also be issues that would require you to dig deeper, and there is an overlay to write, paying attention to compatible = "allwinner,sun50i-h616 "; and its nodes.


If you struggle with any of this I would suggest at least, reading the documentation, pin outs and their respective assignments, and trying @lampra suggestion above.


Sorry I can’t be more helpful, than suggestions, I have not actually tried to do this for One wire sensors on opiz2.


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@carlos8agomez It seems that you do not read.

You have all the info from me and@ALIGMSTEN but you keep asking the same question.

In my post, I write:

[    5.576315] sun50i-h616-pinctrl 300b000.pinctrl: pin PC9 already requested by onewire@0; cannot claim for 300b000.pinctrl:73
modprobe w1-gpio-cl m1="gdt:73"


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