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I think I am running ok but inevitably require help


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Hi, I am a total newb with a few too many holes in my ozone layer. I have managed to use the Multitool and an image of Armbian from Inovato that runs on their Quadra SBC. I have managed to get my old H96Max to run software called WSJT-X from Joe Taylor and his team at Princeton. I have had a lot of fun and am still having a lot of fun running the H96Max (RK3318) the radio is a small rig called the QDX from QRP Labs. I run it (the computer) off a Powerbank and although it doesn't always boot it is very much a 'less is more' machine for my mind and is grand 99% of the time. I would like to be able to run X11vnc on boot/power up and not have to use ANY machine through a 19" HDMI monitor - blue light and go. My main interest is Ham Radio and to help others with the compact computing that is a big part of radio these days. My command line knowledge is at best, shaky but I love doing computery stuff. I have looked hard for a solution to this particular problem, which may well be a simple formality to a lot of folks around here but I want to do it properly and avoid repeated errors. TIA, from the West of Ireland!



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You need to go to the Inovato site for questions/support.  Per their website:

"IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any questions or problems with this process, by all means use the Armbian Forums to search for information, but please DO NOT ask questions if you can't find your answer.  They don't support the Quadra firmware: We do. So please use the Support category on this forum."

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