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Armbian images for R6S & R6C


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Tried the Bullseye CLI, its feels solid  ;)


Other than that, it was a pleasant experience

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On 5/26/2023 at 1:03 PM, Dantes said:

SHA is missing:




On 5/26/2023 at 1:03 PM, Dantes said:

blank password will not be allowed after installation, so you are stuck on the login screen

SSH & serial login is enabled by default. I don't think allowing blank password would be a good idea under such circumstance. Yes, its users call, but we have to prevent at least most stupid actions. One can always override this later in case he knows what he is doing. We even used to have password complexity check error, which was perhaps too hard and a while back was downgraded to a warning.

IMO there are enough of safety compromises. 


On 5/26/2023 at 1:03 PM, Dantes said:

hardware acceleration does not work for bullseye ( bullseye=debian jammy=ubuntu i had to google it ;) )


Making it work on Ubuntu packages base represented months of work in exchange for virtually nothing. Rare people is able to understand that and most people are just used to consume without compensation, complaining and asking for more. If you / people would understand what they are asking for ... ;) it would already be a great step forward. No, this is not easy to make. Especially because everyone expects from developers to pay for everything. Join, do your part. But not with requests and demands. Project would hire several developers to make it better for you ...

On 5/26/2023 at 1:03 PM, Dantes said:

no tor-browser?

As it is impossible to satisfy everyone in this aspect, we don't even try. Armbian provides clean base images with minimum set of applications. Additional applications can be installed classical APT way, via armbian-config or you start making your own images - build framework https://github.com/armbian/build is a masterpiece. You can do your own Armbian based image and adding your own applications in no time.

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