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Trouble installing system on nvme using armbian-config



Hello everyone. I have a defunct Helm Email server which carries a Rockchip rk3399 SoC. I have flashed with a custom Armbian image provided by the Helm folks. After flashing the box with the .img file, I am able to ssh into the new armbian box and go through the basic initial armbian setup.


The box recognizes my 1TB nvme drive, so I then create a primary partition and format the nvme using fdisk and mkfs.


I then install armbian-config and use it to install the root system to the nvme0n1p1 by using the following option on the menu: System -> Install -> 1 Boot from SD, and chose the nvme0n1p1 partition.


After that I verify the BootEnv option shows the uuid of the nvme, but then once I reboot I can no longer ssh into the device.


The box's power LED remains lit, but I don't think its properly booting the OS.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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