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Banana Pi BPI-M1or Pi BPI-M1+ Debian buster img


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There is no download offered on https://www.armbian.com/bananapi/ unfortunately. In the past there was https://dl.armbian.com/bananapi/Debian_buster_next.7z but that URL seems no longer to exist.


However, this forum post (Bananapi forum)has an M1 image for Bullseye, though I cannot say how trustworthy it is as I don't know who compiled it (downloads are stored on Google Drive and Baidu Cloud). The Armbian Communiy on Github currently provides Bookworm and Lunar – but I'm not sure if "Bananapi" or "Bananapy M1+" would be the correct image ("M1" itself is not mentioned). Here (in this very Armbian forum) issues with a Buster image (22.11) are discussed but it's not mentioned where the image comes from.


I'd probably go with the Community build if I'd knew which image would fit the M1. Clarification would be much appreciated! My guess is it would be the "Banana Pi" one (as the page linked by @Igor also just carries simply "bananapi" in the URL, as does the file name from the first mentioned forum post). If you really want the Buster image, @zeljko – I still have the one downloaded from armbian.com and could upload it here (provided the forum supports a file size of 270 MB).

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