Orange Pi power consumption

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Does anyone of you ever have done power consumption measurement or any statistic?

For my Orange Pi cluster I have build up a simple circuit, to measure the total current (ampere) [1].

If all my nodes are powered off and my cubietruck and a orange Pi are powered on, the measured current is about 2A. It looks like that the Orange Pi One does not Consume a significant amount of current, if it is idle. And he is idle for about 90% of time.

In case of all of that my 5 OrangePi PC nodes, the Orange PI One and my cubietruck is powered on, the measured current is about 7A what gives a power consumption of ~ 35Watt.

Which is the power consumption when every node / host is idle. -> I think this is too much ... :)

At full load the maximum current I have measured is about 12.5A (~ 62Watt) which looks quite ok for me because it's about 1.7A per node.

Does anybody have any other measurements?

Maybe we can share the results...






[1]: https://klautesblog.blogspot.de/2016/06/chinacluster-strom-messen.html



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