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Jaret Burkett

fbtft gpio pin names

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I have spent the greater part of the day trying to get fbtft working on an ili9341 display on the nano pi neo with the legacy kernel. I have looked through the forum over and over and I cannot find out how the pins are numbered for fbtft. I got https://github.com/wertyzp/WiringNPand did a gpio readall and that gives me some pin numberings. I have tried both the pins from wPi and BCM. Neither work. I have done this many times on a raspberry pi, but cannot seem to get it to work on any of the H3 stuff. I saw in the forums that in the mainline kernel, there is a mathematical equation for pin numberings. I tried that as well, with no luck. I also tried giving the actual portpins (gpios=reset:PG8,dc:PG9) but that gave me an error. Is there a reference for pin numberings somewhere or am I doing something wrong. I am running the following to enable the module.

sudo modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=reset:7,dc:13 speed=16000000 rotate=90 bgr=1

and testing with 

sudo SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon SDL_FBDEV=/dev/fb8 mplayer -vo sdl -framedrop BigBuckBunny_320x180.mp4

Seems to run fine, and the display shows some blinks here and there. I am connected on the spi0 port. cs0 and reset:PG8,dc:PG9. What am I missing?

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