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OrangePi 5 Plus + official Wi-Fi and bluetooth R6 (Realtek RTL8852BE-CG BE CPU) does not work

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Hello. The official adapter does not work for my orange pi 5 plus.




The problem is this. Wi-Fi works, you turn on bluetooth, bluetooth doesn’t work initially. After turning on bluetooth, Wi-Fi does not work and bluetooth does not work either.


Realtek RTL8852BE-CG BE CPU work in all officials builds.


Help me please

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@InfernalWolf666  As you have provided no logs, I can't see what Armbian image you have used. 
Your board is very new and it is likely that things are still missing from the upstream Kernel and the legacy build .
In such cases the legacy build is often more complete than the current build.

Those are device tree overlay files that you have found, however they are from another source and another board and are not relevant. 
Hardware devices that are not included by default on the board are usually not included in the default device tree. 
They would normally be added as device tree overlays
They are not drivers, they just map the hardware addresses so that the devices can be addressed by software. 

Drivers are generally included in the Kernel if they exist in the mainline Kernel or have been added as patches into the Armbian build.
Device tree overlays can be applied through armbian-config, System, Hardware.  (possibly not relevant but included for your understanding)

Screenshots of armbian-config from a legacy build:
(From a console type armbian-config)


There are a number of overlays available for Opi5+  but I don't see anything related to your issue use the arrow keys to scroll.

I suspect that your device may not currently be supported by the build that you are using.


According to the download page, you need to enable orangepi-5-ap6275p overlay from Hardware menu of armbian-config and reboot.

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