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After install liujianfeng1994's PPA package,my system halted!


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My device is Station-M3.

I download "Armbian 23.8 Bookworm Cinnamon image" and burn it to a sd card.When armbian startup ,display response is very slow and Cinnamon process occupy 150% and above cpu usage.So I decide to "Enable 3D Acceleration".I do this as follow:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liujianfeng1994/panfork-mesa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:liujianfeng1994/rockchip-multimedia

sudo apt update sudo apt dist-upgrade

when dist-upgrade has done,something wrong about libc6, maybe  because V2.36 is replaced by V2.35.Then the whole system come to unstable,reboot only bring kernel Panic!

I decide to burn the image again,but how can I enable GPU accelerate without trouble?

By the way,I change PPA source list file ,replace  jammy with bookworm. If I don't do this ,nothing can be found by apt.

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