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Support for Mele A1000/A2000 armbian


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Hi, thanks for the efforts making armbian very well and very stable for all the distributions, I'm running with a Cubieboard 1 and other arm devices..


I don't want to disturb,

but I'll be a headache to support or add in repository this old A10 device  Mele A1000/A2000? 

I know that is old chip, but I'm feel nostalgia, because was one of  firsts devices supported in linux-sunxi, and Tom Cubie worked at mele, and sell this litlle joys overseas in 2012, and there are a lot of people now that have  this devices too. a lot now sure in the dust ;) and is in mainline kernel also.


Tom left Mele, and maked Cubieboard 1, this Mele A1000 I think that have the same configurations, and cubieboard was based on it, this board has no external 40/44 pins headers like cubieboads or other dev devices


I forked the library and maked a test,


1) added the fex file (for 3.4.x compilations I think, kernel mainline don't needed right? )


from https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-boards/blob/master/sys_config/a10/mele_a1000.fex

2) added a conf file in boards section (i don't know if is correct, I  based from cubieboard.conf file)



Is the correct form to add a device to run compile.sh?


I run and maked the image and works like a charm, I think that can be polished but is out of my experience :(, but now works,

I know that I can compile a new kernel in every update of armbian lib, but I don't know if it can be added to baords list of armbian, and have a fresh compile every update of the libs.


and if is a problem I will do it as now of if can be a better configure option, I'm a all ears.


thanks in advance. Pere.

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Check forum guidelines to use maximum potential!

Is the correct form to add a device to run compile.sh?


Yes, that's enough. We can accept / add it to the script while I am skeptic for adding to download section since it's an older device.


There is a dedicated device tree within mainline kernel, so it would be good to create new u-boot config for this board:



# CONFIG_CMD_IMLS is not set
# CONFIG_CMD_FLASH is not set
# CONFIG_CMD_FPGA is not set

This is copy past from Cubieboard1 with changed DT path. Need to be tested and checked.


After you are satisfied make a pull request.

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oou ;) , many thanks Igor,


Yeah, this device is old !! make sense not putting in download section,

taking 1 A10 board for reference as cubiebard1 that is in download section, users can make a idea how to make images for older devices if follow script pattern.


I will try to add the configuration files for this board, and if can be added to the main lib script as accepted will be great, or configuration added but in a disabled state that only has to be uncommented for lib detect and build the image if user select the device.



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Igor I recently installed ARMBIAN 5.65 stable Debian GNU / Linux 9 (stretch) 4.19.17-sunxi from (https://dl.armbian.com/melea1000/archive/). Everything works very well. Because I have Mele A2000g I have 1G Ram. Can you tell me how to change your image so that Armbian can see the full 1G Ram. I am trying to compile, but it's hard for me to be my first contact with Linux. Maybe you could also compile such a version?



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Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.65 stable Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.19.17-sunxi   

System load:   0.78 0.55 0.52  Up time:       23:11 hours

Memory usage:  33 % of 485MB  Zram usage:    6 % of 242Mb  IP:  

CPU temp:      32°C           

 total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available

Mem:         497216      166340      118280        3652      212596      317116

Swap:        248604       14592      234012

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Gentlemen, I'm sorry I did not thank you immediately for your suggestions. But I could not get more memory in Armbian.

On the box from the bottom:

Mele model A2000G .

After a few hours of fighting, I opened the box. I found memory chips on the PCB.


2PCS X H5TQ2G63DFR-H9C   DDR3-1333H (supports down binning to DDR3-1066F), x16, density: 2G

That means I have 4 GB of flash and 512 MB of RAM even though I have an A2000G sticker on the box. Thanks for support . Igor, you're doing a great job.

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