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RockPRO64 blinking white LED light


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I haven't touched my ROCKPro64 for quite a while.  Pulled it out today and starting playing with it.


I was getting 2 blinks of white LED, then a pause, then repeating.  I thought it wasn't booting or something.


After checking a whole bunch of things, including connecting a serial terminal, I finally realized I had a bad Ethernet cable (and this was why it was not showing up on my router).  The board (and OS installed to eMMC) had been fine the whole time.


Now, my understanding is that the LED behavior is particular to software (bootloader, I guess?).  But FWIW, on a slightly older Armbian (21.02.3) at least, this appears to be default behavior.


I just wanted to make a note for search purposes, in case anyone else runs across the same issue.

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7 hours ago, TRS-80 said:

I was getting 2 blinks of white LED, then a pause, then repeating. 

That is "heartbeat" behavior. Put some load to it and you will notice the blinking gets faster :)

Can also be adjusted via "trigger" files in /sys. Do something noob'ish like "du -a /sys|grep led|grep trigger" and you will find them.

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