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Xeigu Gsoc Radio controller up and running Cubieboard2 Desktop via sd card. dtb question

Mr Men

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Hello after reading and reading some more for a week, I have managed to boot the modified cubieboard2 /Einstein A20 board in GSOC to point I can run Armbian-Config and start a desktop.

https://www.radioddity.com/blogs/all/xiegu-gsoc-teardown-open-source-project may or may not have access to ports internally if production board and metal can rf shielding-so wary of hosing uboot.


I'm using Fat16 /dev/sda1 boot with original GSOC.dtb, I unfortunately have no access to original Xeigu BuildRoot on obsolete cubetech kernel.

Armbian is on /dev/sda2 on same sd card


I see that wifi and battery can be changed in human readable GSOC.dtb ,can this be edited with nano as human readable disabled and change to Enabled? or must the file be unpacked and repacked somehow to enable things without corrupting binary-formatted flattened device tree.


Secondly the Armbian uses a config file in /boot/armbianEnv.txt and armbian's dtb file- does this take into account features such as gpio and lcd brightness already set by the GSOC.dtb? in primary fat16 LBA BOOT partition?


I'm trying to understand how two dtb files interact, or if uboot dtb establishes hardware features and the armbian dtb makes kernel aware these features are enabled.


I'm confused and apologies, I don't know where else to ask after days of looking.


Thank you


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