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How to backup armbian from emmc as a backup image

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Hi, I have finally installed armbian in my amlogic.


I want to make a backup of the emmc now that it is "just installed". So if next year or whatever, if i want to go to my first day after the installation, I could go quickly.


What will be the best way to create a "rescure image usb" ? In case of a disaster, could I boot from usb or only from sd?



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I did it this way. I booted from the SD and backed up the emmc with the armbian-ddbr command because I wanted to back up the factory Android image.


This command creates a compressed file in the /ddb directory that you can move to another external USB stick for example.


This file can only be used to restore the emmc.

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@Juan Rangel https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15027-backup-of-emmc-preferred-method/


I confirm the command is ddbr, I was using a custom script. the limitation is that the backup file you create can only be restored with a TV box that boots from an SD card with an Armbian image. you cannot use it in the case of bricking a TV box with the Amlogic USB Burning tool because it is NOT a valid image for that specific tool



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