hostapd fails to start after upgrade from armbian repo


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on my cubietruck, I tried to upgrade a working hostpad install with the one provided by the armbian repository.


After upgrade, hostapd fails to start. Is there any particular prerequisite to using the armbian version ?


Thanks in advance for your time.

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I faced similar problem after update, first backup your existing binaries/configs for Hostapd

most probably hostapd has been  updated to incorrect/incompatible version, you'll probably need to compile new one using this:


see msg #23 from Rui Rubiero, part on hostapd


next, you'll be maybe better to take your critical packages on hold (I do for hostapd, see 'apt-mark -h' for usage)


root@lamobo-r1# apt-mark showhold


Then, do updates





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Thanks for the advice 


Actually, on Cubietruck, the kernel module for the embedded AP6210 wifi chipset is "brcmfmac" but I'll probably need Rui RUBIERO's procedure if I decide to switch to an rtl819cu based chipset because brcmfmac dosen't support WPS :\ unless someone demonstrates me the contrary.


When I use the command "hostapd_cli wps_pbc" on cli, hostapd_cli's output seems OK :


Selected interface 'wlan0'

but I get the following messages in syslog :


brcmfmac: brcmf_vif_set_mgmt_ie: vndr ie set error : -30
brcmfmac: brcmf_config_ap_mgmt_ie: Set Beacon IE Failed


and nothing happens. If anyone knows how to get WPS mode working with "brcmfmac"...


I know it isn't an hostpad issue because I've already tried with a wifi USB and WPS works but I didn't go further with the wifi USB because it wasn't stable. I think it was an rtl8191cu based chipset by the way so maybe I should try again with a compiled module !



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