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A64 date/time clock issue

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Thank you WindySea.


Yes just put the hardware sync once on boot.  Will disable it.  Noticed no time jumps but after ~48 hours the hardware clock is drifting off time sync.


I started this little mini automation computer stuff here on RPi's with RTCs (used PiFace RTC shim) and then also on micro OpenWRT routers (made for tinkering with easy to get to GPIO pins) the got a Pine64 (pro bono to ticker with).  I waited for over a year for the Rock64 to implement an RTC (it was promised) and I was told it would be in the next production batch....never came to being switched to maybe getting a RockPi4 (still thinking of this one) and meanwhile found out about Armbian and drifted over to getting a TVBox and running Armbian on it.


I got in to the NTP stuff in the 1990's tinkering in my home sandbox. 


So then the nightly upgrade has created a timing issue that you are looking to resolve.  Understood.


Not sure if you are tinkering with any of the Armbian based TV boxes. 


Here looking to add a battery backed up RTC in a new automation server based on the S912 Octocore arm tvbox.


I have yet to take one apart.  Are there schematics out there in internetlandia for any of these devices?




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