Permissions Problem on 5.25

Nikolai Asparuhov


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Hello, I'm using OPI Lite with 5.25 armbian and there is a little problem with the permissions:


root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# ./configure
-bash: ./configure: Permission denied
root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# sudo ./configure
sudo: ./configure: command not found
root@orangepilite:~/Raws/libjpeg/jpeg-8c# ls | grep configure
That appeared to me twice, first time i compile and install nodejs and npm was not recognized like a command (ask for permissions after use sudo just said command not found), this is my second hit to that problem, trying to compile libjpeg. I try to gi to root owners for that folder, same results, I try to cp the files and then compile it, same results and so on and so on.
Can someone explain me from where these problems are coming?
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