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Linux, RiscV and the BeagleV-Ahead/Armbian

For Ward

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hastebin - iqolofuzis (armbian.com)


That is my hastebin paste made from a recently built BeagleV-Ahead board that has a four core, RISCV processor. The TH1520 or four c910 processors make up the bulk of the board with some extra functionality. I have been trying to build for this board recently and again.


Anyway, there is a u-boot function in the mix of building an Armbian Jammy image that is called /dev/loop.


It seems this is where my current errors are located in the build. Please send some advice.




P.S. Here is what I think makes up the main issue:


[💲|🌱] Writing u-boot bootloader [ /dev/loop2 ]
/home/karlth/build_armbian/lib/functions/image/loop.sh: line 89: write_uboot_platform: command not found

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