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Best board for media center and files hosting

Sylvain P

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I am wondering which board I should buy between thoses 2  :

Orange Pi Plus 2E

Allwinner H3

39$ (all in one)








I want a board that can deliver good transfert speed over the network to host files.

So good bandwidth for network AND I/O for the hard drive.


Plus I have a 4K TV so I would love to enjoy it (not sure 4k is supported by both cards)

Obviously the XU4 is faster (and with usb3) but nearly twice the price so.. It has to to worth it.


So, do you have some hints / numberses to show ?

Best kernel support.

Best community support.

Best vendor.


any usefull comment is good to know.


If you have any other sugestions I am opened.

edit: price correction for OP +2E

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

I have both an ODROID XU4 and a C2.  The XU4 draws a lot of power under load (15-20 W) and has a noisy fan.  The C2 is 64bit and fast and only draws a few watts.  Of the six different SBCs I own, I think the C2 is the best in my opinion.  Also the C2 is 4K. The XU4 is not.

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6 hours ago, Sylvain P said:

For tkaiser the best board is the OP+2E but he did not consider the XU4.


Huh? What's wrong? One person sends you a link dealing with H3 boards and obvisouly the best board listed there is the best H3 based board for the purpose. In the meantime I've bought an XU4 and fell immediately in love with this device and its micro community (for those not clicking on links: that's irony!)


Wrt ODROID-C2 (and soon NanoPi K2): http://www.cnx-software.com/2017/05/24/odroid-c2-board-gets-experimental-ubuntu-16-04-armbian-images-with-linux-4-10/ (but USB situation on those S905 devices and all the other fast SBC is shitty since USB2 only and shared bandwidth everywhere)

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