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My specific use case is a network monitoring device. Basically i want to send all network traffic (internal as well as external) to the device and apply some monitoring to it. That's why it needs a high performant network interface, and some decent processing power. Ive tested it on the rpi3, and while it works fine for very small networks, I would love to improve the performance a little bit.


Well, still missing some bits of information to give a recommendation (no idea what's the bottleneck). At least when this should be some sort of sniffing a 2nd network interface and decent processing power would be great and then it's already time to think about x86 based solution (BTW: That's one of the advantages of Apple MacBooks like the ones i use: By simply plugging in one or two $25 devices one gets one or two more GbE NICs -- connected through PCIe and not Thunderbolt -- that can be used for real-time sniffing by intercepting all traffic on a wire)

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