Just did a few speed tests using the TinkerBoard, OpenVPN and Wireguard. I'm on a ~200 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up Internet connection.   LAN performance (no encryption, Gigabit Ethernet): ~600 Mbps Direct connection performance (average): 230 Mbps down / 24 Mbps up. OpenVPN performance (average, using Mullvad.net as a provider):  ~25 Mbps down / 20 Mbps up. Wireguard performance (average, using Mullvad.net test servers): ~220 Mbps down / 22 Mbps up (hence maxing up my connection, negligible loss).   If there's anyone on a faster connection here (300-500 Mbps) and has a Tinkerboard, I'd be very interested to see if / when the CPU maxes out on the Tinkerboard while using Wireguard. During my tests with the Wireguard, the individual kworker processes hit occasionally 30% in 'top' output, but were usually in the 15-20% range. While doing a bit more intensive testing (a wget running in a loop with Wireguard connection active), the CPU temperature reached 72C (LE: same values with or without heatsink, slightly better with it on).   With my current infrastructure, if the CPU doesn't get too hot, the TinkerBoard is perfectly viable as an Internet gateway to route all traffic through a Wireguard VPN.   I just need to find a USB Ethernet adapter which can do 250 real Mbps and is supported by Armbian. Any recommendations/experience?