How to change OTG mode from serial to HID keyboard on the Orange pi zero?

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Just now, MitchD said:

Which kernel are you using? If you are using mainline, I understand than the OTG options aren't there yet.


If on legacy, you can try: modprobe -r g_serial

followed by: modprobe g_hid


From there, see if any new devices are created.  Full documentation is here:

Thanks for  replying.

I'm using the latest from here marked as legacy stable.  Not sure what kernel it's using.

I tried `modprobe -r g_serial`  and got: `modprobe: FATAL: Module g_serial is in use.` I tried with the otg port plugged in and unplugged.

`modprobe g_hid` returned `modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'g_hid': No such device`

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Try toggling:


3 hours ago, MitchD said:

Not sure why this hasn't been patched yet. 


Afaik it should work. Perhaps unloading is not working as it should. This kernel is from some other times ... removal from /etc/modules and reboot might be needed.


Nobody is working on H3 legacy kernels anymore :( Modern kernel will be here soon.


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Hello, i have been looking into this subject lately but couldn't find something useful. I want to be able to act as a mouse and keyboard with opi zero. I have some experience with programming and a bit of linux ecosystem so i i think i can look into/follow some stuff if you guide me. Also i know its off-topic but does gpio pins have any latency on them? I want to share data in real time between opi zero and rpi zero. Thank you for your attention. Sincerly

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