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Miniand MiniX Plus


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Hi folks, I have a Miniand MiniX Plus 1Gb version that I plan to use as a small home-server with OMV and video-grabbing from my IP cam with VLC. This will be attached to 2 old IDE HDDs via USB-IDE adapter.
It has 2 usb ports on the front and a very bad wifi adapter soldered to a usb port internally. I have desoldered the WIFI module to change it for a USB-Ethernet adapter. So I have 2 USB ports and one USB-OTG port.
Previously I've used the legacy kernel with fex files modding the USB configuration, to make all 3 USB ports act as USB.  Recently I've tried the mainline kernel and I can't make the OTG-USB port to act as a USB port. 

I would be very happy if someone points me how to make this possible, if not I would stick back to legacy kernel with nand support and fex file.


P.S. I have used PC-Duino2 for mainline images and cubieboard for legacy.

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