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orangepipc limit usb speed



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7 hours ago, niccodemi said:

Is there really no such option in armbian?

No, since

  • the main reason is that this isn't related to Armbian but to the kernel you use. With mainline kernel and H3 boards most probably disabling the respective ehci1 node while leaving ohci1 as "okay" might work. With legacy kernel... no idea and will never check
  • Providing this as configurable option (eg. an overlay) would be weird, just throw away broken USB peripherals
15 hours ago, niccodemi said:

I know it is doable on raspbian


Wrong. It's doable this way on Raspberry Pis regardless of the distribution used with RPi standard kernel. It's not related to Raspbian at all (and therefore also won't work on Chinese boards that are advertised being capable to 'run Raspberry Pi image' -- I have not checked whether Xunlong provides a Raspbian image for OPi PC but even if they do it won't work there as with RPi kernel)

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