How to replace the welcome message at login?

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Login/welcome messages come from the scripts in /etc/update-motd.d, so you can remove/change them as you wish.  If you didn't want the sysinfo, tips,update nofications and armbian-config messages, you can just remove the executable bit (i.e. chmod -x) from the four scripts responsible for those messages (30-sysinfo 35-tips 40-updates 41-armbian-config), and then you'd be left with just the board name. You can also turn that off by disabling the 10-header script. You can also make your own, and have them run and display on login (if properly written and the executable bit is set). 


The easiest way to run something before login is to use crontab. i.e. run crontab -e, and then add a new @reboot command for a script that will run after the device has rebooted, and before login.  See this page for some more information and examples. 

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