SmartGear multi-system emulator released as open-source

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I just released my multi-system game emulator (GameBoy+NES+GameGear for now). Optimized for directly outputting to SPI LCD displays (e.g. ili9341). Runs on any CPU type, but has optimizations for ARM+X64. I wrote 100% of the code, so it might be behave differently than other game emulators. GB+GG are nearly perfect. NES is missing some popular mappers. The code is very optimized to begin with, but also uses a dirty-tile system to minimize the data sent to the SPI bus. This allows inexpensive SPI displays (e.g. ili9341) to run at or near 60 frames per second for many games even though the SPI bus can only do 30FPS of full screen updates.

The SPI display access uses my SPI_LCD library ( This means that it doesn't need fbtft nor fbcp and can run on any Linux board. It has built-in code to talk to GPIO pushbuttons, so no special drivers/software are needed to run on "GBZ" systems. Below is a photo of SmartGear running on an Orange Pi Lite with the PiPlay Portable prototype hardware.


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