MXQ Pro 4K doesn't recognize eMMC

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Hi guys,


I've been using my MXQ board for weeks (MXQ-S905-D16 DATE:151021). Recently it stop booting Android, even it doens't show bootloader logo image.

After connect serial port, in order to debug uboot, seems to not recognize any boot medium. Typical loop GXBB:BL1:08dafd:0a8993;FEAT:EDFC318C;POC:3;RCY:0;EMMC:800;NAND:85;SD:800;USB:8;


Booting a SD card, built with BurnCardMaker, I can enter the uboot console and do some checks. I can't access eMMC at all.

Saving Environment to aml-storage...
MMC init failed
gxb_p201_v1#MMC init failed

Any help on how to debug further this issue? How can I check eMMC status?




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Have you made a backup of your android image from emmc before ?


I have got a same situation and I backup the emmc from running linux from SD card, so basically you need to bootup on linux from SD card then reflash the emmc using ddbr_restore script. may be uboot could not init emmc , but linux does.



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