alsamixer volume does not work !

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I am trying to control volume Up/Down and mute through alsamixer with no success.

When launching alsamixer the only changable device is DAC Digital, but actually it does not change anything, the volume remains at "56" and won't change.

It is almost not possible to control volume through alsamixer or amixer command line. The only control I have found is the mute/unmute through /sys/class/amaudio but not the volume level !


It is the case for all armbian (debian, ubuntu) servers packages.


I think some thing goes wrong...


Any help or hint would be appreciated.



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I have found the issue, indeed the server packages does not contain pulseaudio and it seems that the alsa config files are not well configured to handle the volume control. I have installed and configured the pulse along with alsa config files and now I can perfectly control volume on all outputs (analog, hdmi, spdif.)

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