eMMC life span calculation

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Hi all,


I have an application running on an orange pi pc plus 2 over the emmc 8gb memory. Everything is in there (os, db sw) and what it does is acquiring data from some sensors and then pushing it over mqtt to a server.

Now, due to frequent internet connection issues, the board is able to store up to ~ 1 month of data in a local db but this means quite a lot of writes per seconds (plus all the logs).


I would like to have an idea of how much the emmc can keep up with this rates and thus I am trying to understand how to calculate the life span in years (hopefully nothing less). Can anyone help me on how to do that?


I am using right now iostat to get an estimate of the kB_wrtn/s and I get something around 50. Any help would be really appreciated.



p.s.: obviously I am trying to explore solutions, like ramdisk, wear leveling and simply storing stuff if the connection is actually out, but I would like anyway to get a feeling of the life span of the memory.

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