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On 3/5/2018 at 2:35 PM, joaofl said:

Follows the gmac config on both files for your reference

Excuse me for time.
Did you up Internet eth0?
And  unpack firmware img?


Im have opi3 h6 and compile android sdk opi3 sdk 7.0 lichee, but many problem.

Bug root, and bug eth0 mac, you can advise?


for mac

maby this problem?


gmac0_used         = 1
phy-mode           = "rmii"  # change this to "rgmii"?
gmac_rxd1          = port:PA00<2><default><3><default>
gmac_rxd0          = port:PA01<2><default><3><default>
gmac_crs           = port:PA02<2><default><3><default>
gmac_rxerr         = port:PA03<2><default><3><default>
gmac_txd1          = port:PA04<2><default><3><default>
gmac_txd0          = port:PA05<2><default><3><default>
gmac_txclk         = port:PA06<2><default><3><default>
gmac_txen          = port:PA07<2><default><3><default>
gmac_mdc           = port:PA08<2><default><3><default>
gmac_mdio          = port:PA09<2><default><3><default>
gmac-power0        = "vcc-ephy" # change this to "vcc-io"?
gmac-power1        =      # change this to "axp806_aldo3"?
gmac-power2        =
tx-delay           = 0
rx-delay           = 0


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